During June and international SAFE YOUTH consortium met in Brussels for a three-day discovery and study meeting, which was full of very inspiring discussions, exchanges of experiences and approaches to sex education and promoting wellbeing among young people.


A group of project managers, youth workers and volunteers from Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Czech Republic and Belgium visited 3 Belgian sex education organisations.


🎯These are just a few snippets from the rich and inspiring programme:


🔸 At the Fédération des centres pluralistes de planning familial, we admired a rich library of various books, cards, board games and other gamification tools for professionals involved in sex education and family planning.

🔹 Performer and LGBTQ activist Aline La Sardine led the group through a practical, voice- and confidence-building workshop to convey these sensitive topics to youth

🔸 At O-YES, an organisation that organises sex education workshops in Belgian high schools and universities, we were particularly inspired by their social media programme Moules Frites, which offers videos and a podcast on sex education topics in an engaging yet very sensitive way just for young people


If you speak French, we recommend following all these organizations!


Autor: Jana Kyriakou (Motion Digital)