What is body positivity? Body positivity is a movement that encourages individuals to accept and love their bodies, regardless of perceived flaws or imperfections. Body positivity focuses on empowering yourself to change a judgment mindset to one that encourages celebration, gratitude, and love for your body. 

Promoting body positivity motivates people to accept themselves regardless of their age, weight, gender, or disability. This social movement looks to promote the idea that everyone should have a positive body image while challenging the standardised shapes that society presents as “perfect bodies”. 

Lately, many celebrities and influencers have taken to social media to highlight this important movement. They have turned to the online world, uploading photos of themselves without photoshop, touching up their selfies or adding beautifying filters. This has gained traction on the digital platforms as the famous stars post images of their faces and bodies naturally. 


The body positivity movement acts as a vindication for the promotion of positive mental health and supports both male and female individuals to accept and cherish their own skin. Body positivity advocates for physical diversity and encourages people to celebrate their bodies rather than conform to society’s idea of perfection.